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What’s On My Desk Away From Home

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What’s on my desk when I’m away from my desk? I don’t really have a home office; it’s too easy for me to get distracted when I work at home. Personally, I prefer to get outside of the house. But I couldn’t do that without my favorite tools.

Chromebook: I’ve already gone into detail about why I love my Chromebook. I have an Acer Chromebook 11 and  there’s an additional reason why I love my particular model. At 11 inches, I can carry it in a large purse instead of a big laptop bag. It has a battery life of nine hours, which means many days I can just leave the charger at home.

Knock Knock notepads: Even in this world of cloud-based resources, there are still times when you need a piece of paper. Knock Knock always has the best notepads, they add much-needed humor to my day.

  • Note to Self: This is for my everyday schedule; I use it in conjunction with Google calendar. There’s just something about the satisfaction of checking an item off your list. Each day (and the weekend) has a set number of entries. It’s a good way to keep from over-scheduling.
  • 7 Days a Week: I use this one for planning blog posts, using one page per post. Sadly, both 7 Days a Week and Note to Self are now out of print.

Pencils: Sometimes I have to erase it all and start over from scratch. The pencils in my photo are from the Nate Berkus Target collection.

Samsung Galaxy S7Samsung Galaxy S7: My powerful Android smartphone has been a lifesaver. This is what I use to take photos for my blog; the 12 MP camera produces high-resolution images with excellent color quality and no blur. The phone’s storage space can be expanded to 256GB, so I don’t have to limit how many photos I keep on my device. After I’ve finished my photo session, I edit them with the VSCO app. A few adjustments with the presets and controls, and I’m all set.

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