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dana-rothAbout Dana Roth:

My family got our first computer in 1994. We got Internet access in 1995 courtesy of AOL. I used the Internet much like television, using it to passively consume entertainment until 1997. That’s when I discovered the book Surfergrrrls by Laurel Gilbert and Crystal Kile. That slim paperback changed everything. Gilbert and Kile gave me a guided tour of the Internet, complete with history lesson and an introduction to Internet culture.

My primary interests in IT are security and networking. I am also interested in exploring the ethics of technology. Most of my computer experience has been in Windows environments, but I have recently begun using Chrome OS. I am CompTIA A+ and Network+ certified. I will be taking the Security+ exam in 2016.

 About the name:

“Tech Trade Route” is a reference to famous trade routes throughout history, such as the Silk Route and the Grand Trunk Road. These roads did more than facilitate commerce; they also transported culture, art, and religion as well. What is the Internet but a modern-day version of these old routes?

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